Kathryn Kelly graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2009 with an Honours degree in Fashion Design. She currently lives and works in Cork, Ireland and holds a studio at Sample-Studios Centre for Contemporary Arts, in Cork City.  Her creative practice at present is predominantly in the field of visual art, working with mixed media print and collage, assemblage, sculpture, installation, text and lens-based work. Recent exhibits/events include; ‘Echoes of Past Sorrows’ 2019 Solo Exhibition, TACTIC, Cork IRE. ‘Sublimation’ 2019 Sound composition/event collaboration with Ellen King, The Crypt, St Luke’s Church, Cork IRE. ‘Cahoots’ 2019 A4 Sounds, Dublin, IRE. ‘Thresholds; The adjacent possible’, 2018 The Tapestry, Liverpool, UK. ‘Darker-half’ 2017 exhibition & Sound event collaboration with Dave Noonan, Filter, Cork, IRE. ‘Adrift with Uncertainty’ 2017, The Courthouse Gallery, Clare, IRE. ‘Life is worth talking about’ 2017, City Hall Atrium, Cork IRE.


As an artist I engage in an intuitive process of searching, gathering, incubation, envisioning and construction. My creative practice works consciously and subconsciously to explore and reveal ongoing and re-occurring themes such as mental and bodily sensation, trauma, death, the surreal and the ‘shadow self’. The creation of something new from the fragments of that which has been broken is a significant objective of the work and forms the basis of my visual compositions. Themes can all act as a conscious starting place when going about the process of making art work and alternatively themes may emerge subconsciously from the act of creating the assembled work itself. The works function primarily as sites of division and dislocation between the internal state and the outer world.





























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