Adrift with Uncertainty

Isabelle Gaborit / Alchemy – Hanne T. Fisker / Water Stories –
Kathryn Kelly / Adrift With Uncertainty

Saturday 30th July – Saturday 29th July 2017

Drawing together three artists with disparate practices working in varied media, the new exhibitions at The Courthouse Gallery explore the environment, from the wild Atlantic coast to unnamed fiery worlds and a mysterious yet beautiful frozen landscape.
In the main gallery, West of Ireland based artist Isabelle Gaborit has mastered the ancient art of encaustic, or painting with pigmented wax, a technique mastered by the Greeks. Hanne T Fisker meanwhile, is drawn to the wildness of the Clare coastline, photographing what she terms its ‘sea explosions’ at close quarters. In our Red Couch space, Cork-based artist Kathryn Kelly’s installation of photographs and light evoke explorations of the self, its cool ambiance belying the turmoil of the unknown.

Works: © Kathryn Kelly 2017

'ghostly promises 1' 2015 Photographic Print 30x40cm Kathryn Kelly

‘Ghostly promises 1’ 2015 photographic print on paper 30x40cm

'ghostly promises 2' 2015 Photographic print 30x40cm Kathryn Kelly

‘Ghostly promises 2’ 2015 photographic print on paper 30x40cm

'wanderings 2' 2014 Photographic Print 40x61cm Kathryn Kelly

‘adrift with uncertainty 2’ 2015 Photographic Print 40x60cm Kathryn Kelly

'adrift with uncertainity 1' 2015 Photographic Print 40x45cm Kathryn Kelly

‘adrift with uncertainty 1’ 2015 photographic print on paper 40x45cm

























































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