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Sample-Studios Members Exhibition

Opening Reception December 5th 5.30-7pm

Sample-Studios members are exhibiting their work at the Lord Mayor’s Pavilion, in Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork. In this fifth exhibition hosted by Sample, in association with Cork City Council at their new exhibition venue, members are showing examples of painting, photography, sculpture and textile art, which reflects on the building’s surroundings in the Park. Join us for the preview on Thursday 5th December 5.00 – 7.00 pm, then Friday and Saturday 12.00 – 4.00 pm, and Thursday 12th – Saturday 14th 12.00 – 4.00 pm. Work is available for sale (with a donation to Penny Dinners)

Exhibiting NEW WORK 2019  –  Giclée print on Hahnemühle photo Rag Paper 

'Untitled 1' 2019 Photographic Print 50x30cm Kathryn Kelly

‘Untitled’ 2019 Photographic  print on paper   50x30cm                                           © Kathryn Kelly



Ellen King & Kathryn Kelly

The Crypt at St. Luke’s Former Church,
O’Mahony’s Avenue entrance,
St. Luke’s Cross, Cork City
Thursday, February 21st 7 PM & 8 PM
Duration: 40 minutes

For ‘Echoes of Past Sorrows’, Kathryn Kelly has collaborated with the Cork-born, Berlin-based Composer/Producer/DJ Ellen King, to create an original sound composition, designed by King specifically to run with the exhibition. The concept and development of the titled piece ‘Sublimation’ will be a reflection of the motivations and over-all themes explored throughout the exhibition itself, as well as being very much informed by a three-part written work from a collection of Kelly’s own personal writings, entitled, 1. Blisters of the night 2. Fantasies of relief, searching for my father 3. Our love and loss.
Taking the sculptural environment of the Crypt space into consideration, King will be utilizing her approach of sample manipulation and sound processing, etched with techniques of collage and layering to journey through sonic landscapes of light and darkness, the mournful and the sublime.
‘Sublimation’ will be presented as a listening experience in the form of an aural vocalization, a constellation of references that speak to a connectedness of sound, voice and the visceral, drawing into their sonic and psychic sphere, evoking something primal, bodily and universal.
Ellen King is a Cork-born, Berlin-based, music producer, composer, and DJ. She studied music and composition at graduate and post graduate level at University College Cork. She writes and performs music under the moniker‘ELLLL’, and also performs as half of improvised electronics duo ‘WRY MYRRH’ alongside composer Irene Buckley. She is a founding member of ‘GASH COLLECTIVE’, Ireland’s first female and non-binary focused music collective.
King frequently collaborates with artists from other disciplines, and has composed several pieces of sound design and lives scores for works ranging from modern dance, performance art, film, sound installation and more. Her compositional approach heavily utilizes sample manipulation, sound processing, and design. King’s works are etched with techniques of collage and layering, often juxtaposed with hypnotic pulses and timbres, resulting in an immersive experience for the listener.


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Echoes of Past Sorrows | Kathryn Kelly

Preview: Thursday 14th February 6 PM – 8 PM

Location: The Crypt, St. Luke’s Former Church, Cork City

Opening times: February 15th – 26th (open Thursday to Saturday) 4 PM – 8 PM

TACTIC is pleased to present Echoes of Past Sorrows, an exhibition of new works by Kathryn Kelly.

Kathryn Kelly graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2009 with an Honours degree in Fashion Design. She currently lives and works in Cork, Ireland and holds a studio at Sample-Studios Centre for Contemporary Arts, in Cork City. Her creative practice at present is predominantly in the field of visual art, working with mixed media print and collage, assemblage, sculpture, installation, text and lens-based work. Recent exhibits include; ‘Thresholds; The adjacent possible’, 2018 The Tapestry, Liverpool, UK. ‘Darker-half’, 2017, Filter, Cork, Ireland. ‘Adrift with Uncertainty’ 2017, The Courthouse Gallery, Clare, Ireland. ‘Life is work talking about’ 2017, City Hall Atrium, Cork Ireland.

In conjunction with the exhibition will be a sound event on February 21st. This will showcase a sound composition created in collaboration between Kathryn Kelly and Berlin-based producer Ellen King. This will be a ticketed event and limited seating will apply.

Times are: Feb 21st 7 PM & 8 PM

Tickets for this event may be purchased through Eventbrite and on the door.

Artist’s Statement:

“Following the untimely sudden death of my Father last year, I have become intensely interested in death, mourning, and grief. From my research, I found an essay on Vanitas, symbolic works of art showing the transience of life, written by art historian, curator, and writer John B. Ravenal. He writes of contemporary French philosopher Julia Kristeva’s considerations on the relationship between loss and art. In her text Black Sun, Kristeva addresses the question of whether beauty and death are facets of the same experience or are perennial opposites. Ravenal frames Kristeva’s conclusions, stating; ‘the creation and appreciation of beauty spring from the sublimation of grief; beauty represents an artificial, imaginary conquering of death that allows life to continue. From this perspective, beauty can be seen to represent the act of creativity as a life force counterbalancing death, yet always imbued with its presence’.

Echoes of Past Sorrows takes Kristeva’s questioning and conclusions as a starting point. Themes are explored through the use of collage, assemblage, sculpture, installation, sound, and lighting, with a particular emphasis on the emblematic functions of materials. Works take inspiration from cultural and folklore symbolism along with rituals associated with the human aspects of death and bereavement. The exhibition also explores the characteristics of grief through the lens of psychology and psychoanalytical theory. Incorporated into these new works are my own psychoanalysis process and writings as narratives for creation. These express accounts of loss and grief on broader scales, metaphysical, unconscious and abstract, delving into the realms of trauma, melancholia, personal transformation, and healing. The crypt’s architectural suggestive power has been considered for the exhibition’s installation and elaboration. Echoes of Past Sorrows presents this vault as a container for emotive descriptions drawing resonances between its own past history and my own personal narration.”
The John B. Ravenal quote;

John Ravenal, Vanitas: Meditations on Life and Death in Contemporary Art,
(Catalogue – Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. University of Washington Press 2000) p14

The Julia Kristeva’s text he is referencing;

Julia Kristeva, Black Sun: Depression and Melancholia, trans. Leon S Roudiez (New York: Columbia University Press, 1989) p97-98
Sample-Studios and TACTIC are kindly supported by Cork City Arts Office and the Arts Council of Ireland.

C A H O O T S : S A M P L E \ w / A 4
31st Jan – 10th | Sample-Studios at the A4 Gallery

C A H O O T S : S A M P L E \ w / A 4 is the first in a series of collaborations between A4 Sounds and Artists Studios here in Ireland and further afield.

C A H O O T S : S A M P L E \ w / A 4 features work by 13 member artists from Sample-Studios, Cork.

Sample-Studios is one of Irelands leading artist-led spaces with over 40 member artists. TACTIC is the artist-led visual arts programme of Sample-Studios. With their focus on creating a dialogue and a process of collaboration across disciplines they aim to highlight artists and curators who demonstrate high levels of resolution, investigation and critical thinking in their practice whilst also facilitating the enjoyment and participation in contemporary art for its audiences.
The Artists
Sarah Jayne Booth
Nora Buttimer
Edith Cosgrave
Pat Donlon
Tommy Feehan
Joseph Hefferman
Kathryn Kelly
John Ketch
Kevin Mooney
Kim-Ling Morris
Anna O’Riordan
Alison O’Shea
Catriona Osborne

Kathryn Kelly
This Marked Interruption In Continuity
Digital Collage

'dwelling heavy' 2017 42x60cm print & collage on paper Kathryn Kelly

As an artist Kathryn engages in an intuitive process of searching, gathering, incubation, envisioning and construction. Her creative practice works consciously and subconsciously to explore and reveal ongoing and re-occurring themes such as mental and bodily sensation, trauma, death, the surreal and the ‘shadow self’. The creation of something new from the fragments of that which has been broken is a significant objective of the work and forms the basis of her visual compositions. Themes can all act as a conscious starting place when going about the process of making art work and alternatively themes may emerge subconsciously from the act of creating the assembled work itself. The works function primarily as sites of division and dislocation between the internal state and the outer world.

Kathryn Kelly graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2009 with an Honours degree in Fashion Design. Her creative practice at present is predominantly in the field of visual art, working with mixed media print and collage, sculpture, installation, text and lens-based work.


Drawing together three artists with disparate practices working in varied media, the new exhibitions at The Courthouse Gallery explore the environment, from the wild Atlantic coast to unnamed fiery worlds and a mysterious yet beautiful frozen landscape.
In the main gallery, West of Ireland based artist Isabelle Gaborit has mastered the ancient art of encaustic, or painting with pigmented wax, a technique mastered by the Greeks.
Hanne T Fisker meanwhile, is drawn to the wildness of the Clare coastline, photographing what she terms its ‘sea explosions’ at close quarters. In our Red Couch space, Cork-based artist Kathryn Kelly’s installation of photographs and light evoke explorations of the self, its cool ambiance belying the turmoil of the unknow.







‘DARKER HALF’ 26/10/’17
‘Darker Half’ brings together a combined art installation by artist Kathryn Kelly and an Ambient/deep techno set by DJ and producer Dave Noonan.
This collaborative project, fusing the visual and aural loosely takes its inspiration; from ‘Samhain’ the pagan festival marking the end of the harvest time and the beginning of winter or the darker half of the year. Samhain has been seen as a liminal time, when the boundary between this world and the otherworld could more easily be crossed. The idea that Samhain is a juncture between the two halves of the year saw it acquiring the unique status of being suspended in time – it did not belong to the old year or the new. It could be said that time stood still on this night, the natural order of life was thrown into disarray and the earthly world of the living became hopelessly entangled with the world of the dead.
Through the use of lighting, visual compositions and sound, ‘Darker Half’ means to transform its environment into an immersive sensory space, evoking explorations of the otherworldly.

Exhibition runs until 19/11/’17




‘Soul Yearnings’ is a joint exhibition of works by artists Maureen Considine and Kathryn Kelly. Working with the medium of photography, the lens acts as if to give a representative voice to the soul searching and internal longings of both artists during periods of personal significance and transition with the process being a catharsis. Both artists utilize the camera as a means of ‘capturing’.
Kathryn Kelly’s efforts at capturing moments in time and place in her imagery are used as a metaphor to express the fragility and transience of life and the enduring quest for something beyond where we are presently positioned. The works function as representations, characters for personal narratives of longing and escape, remoteness and separation.
Maureen Considine’s photograms are created by placing an object onto the surface of light-sensitive paper and exposing it to light and then specific chemicals. A photogram is a direct trace of the object to which it refers, like a footprint, but it is often distorted by the bending of light through the object. These works from the series, Searching for the Self/Soul Images, are influenced by archetypal symbiology. In Jungian symbiology ‘the Self’, the archetype at the centre of the psyche, is often represented as a circle/mandala.





Basement Project Space, Camden Quay, Cork, Ireland

21st July – 30th July 2011

This exhibition came about as a result of the rapport between myself and fellow artists Maureen Considine and Annette Persson. Each of us has an affinity for working intuitively and have shared with one another our diverse experiences of pain: physical, emotional and social. We planned to have a group exhibition with each of us tackling the subject of ‘pain’ thematically. I focused on the emotional and psychological aspects. Annette responded to the social pain one experiences as ‘the other’ or an outsider in society and Maureen as a chronic pain sufferer, endeavoured to represent the physical aspects. These varied and interlinked themes formed the basis of the content of the show and the works include: drawings, mixed media paintings, photography, video and installation.