Raw Nerved


Basement Project Space, Camden Quay, Cork, Ireland

21st July – 30th July 2011

This exhibition came about as a result of the rapport between myself and fellow artists Maureen Considine and Annette Persson. Each of us has an affinity for working intuitively and have shared with one another our diverse experiences of pain: physical, emotional and social. We planned to have a group exhibition with each of us tackling the subject of ‘pain’ thematically. I focused on the emotional and psychological aspects. Annette responded to the social pain one experiences as ‘the other’ or an outsider in society and Maureen as a chronic pain sufferer, endeavoured to represent the physical aspects. These varied and interlinked themes formed the basis of the content of the show and the works include: drawings, mixed media paintings, photography, video and installation.

Works: Kathryn Kelly 2011

The woven way  2013  Kathryn Kelly  lightbox-wool-tread  (installation view)

‘The Woven Way’  2011  light-box, wool, stitching (installation view)    Kathryn Kelly


Silent journey 2013 wood-tread-wool (installation view)
‘silent journey’ 2011     wood, thread, wool  (installation view)   kathryn kelly 
silent journey (installation view)

‘silent journey’ 2011   (installation view)  kathryn kelly

silent journey (installation view)

‘silent journey’ (installation view)

silent journey (installation view)

‘silent journey’  (installation view)

Twisted line 1  2013  Kathryn Kelly inverted drawing transfer on wood  60x40cm  (installation view)

‘Twisted Line 1’ 2011  Inverted drawing transfer on wood (installation view)  60x40cm       Kathryn Kelly

Twisted line 2 2013 inverted drawing transfer on wood (installation view)

‘Twisted line 2’ 2011  Inverted drawing transfer on wood (installation view)  60x40cm  kathryn kelly

Heavy gown 2013 mixed media on board 90x60cm

‘Heavy gown’ 2011     paint, crayon, pen on board  90x60cm    kathryn kelly

Heavy gown (installation view)

‘Heavy gown’ 2011 (installation view)  kathryn kelly