Sublimation extracts © 2019 Ellen King


Ellen King & Kathryn Kelly

The Crypt, St. Luke’s Church, Cork, IE

February 21st 2019

For ‘Echoes of Past Sorrows’, Kathryn Kelly has collaborated with the Cork-born, Berlin-based Composer/Producer/DJ Ellen King, to create an original sound composition, designed by King specifically to run with the exhibition. The concept and development of the titled piece ‘Sublimation’ will be a reflection of the motivations and over-all themes explored throughout the exhibition itself, as well as being very much informed by a three-part written work from a collection of Kelly’s own personal writings, entitled, 1. Blisters of the night 2. Fantasies of relief, searching for my father 3. Our love and loss.
Taking the sculptural environment of the Crypt space into consideration, King will be utilizing her approach of sample manipulation and sound processing, etched with techniques of collage and layering to journey through sonic landscapes of light and darkness, the mournful and the sublime.
‘Sublimation’ will be presented as a listening experience in the form of an aural vocalization, a constellation of references that speak to a connectedness of sound, voice and the visceral, drawing into their sonic and psychic sphere, evoking something primal, bodily and universal.

Ellen King is a Cork-born, Berlin-based, music producer, composer, and DJ. She studied music and composition at graduate and post graduate level at University College Cork. She writes and performs music under the moniker ‘ELLLL’, and also performs as half of improvised electronics duo ‘WRY MYRRH’ alongside composer Irene Buckley. She is a founding member of ‘GASH COLLECTIVE’, Ireland’s first female and non-binary focused music collective.
King frequently collaborates with artists from other disciplines, and has composed several pieces of sound design and lives scores for works ranging from modern dance, performance art, film, sound installation and more. Her compositional approach heavily utilizes sample manipulation, sound processing, and design. King’s works are etched with techniques of collage and layering, often juxtaposed with hypnotic pulses and timbres, resulting in an immersive experience for the listener.